Administrator – Janene Sullivan
Counselor – TBA
Sponsor – Stephanie Sedacca


President – Alexis Staveski
Vice-President – Maya Bielczyk
Secretary – Ethan Westbrook
Historian – Alexis Schorden
Representatives – Nicholas Anderson, Chelsea Christopher Sanchez, Victoria Crespo, Gianna Cuccionilli, Julia Hamilton, Sophia Makris, Mia Manning, Lexi Naumann, Greka Nikel, Bailey Odom, Camryn Rexford, Hailey Vogiatzis

Bookmark this page as it will be the central hub of everything freshman-related throughout the year. – NOTE – our Twitter account is where daily reminders and important information will be shared – it is HIGHLY recommended you follow this account. If you do not have twitter the feed does show on the home page of this website as well.

QUESTIONS? Contact your Class Sponsor Mrs. Sedacca


There are two options for your for senior photos. For those wishing to simply have a headshot for the yearbook we are once again offering senior photos on campus once school resumes. These will cost $5 and the tux/drape will be provided. More details about how to book these sessions and what you’ll need for them will be posted once school resumes. These photos will also be available for purchase, and seniors will be free to book any other photographer for a personality session outside of school for their personal shots.

Your other option is to book a full session with Gigante Productions at their office in Wesley Chapel. This will be a session for those who wish for a variety of yearbook/personality photos. They will charge a larger sitting fee, and the sessions will only be available in their office (there will not be an on-campus day with them). For more information and booking visit:

These are the ONLY TWO OPTIONS TO BE INCLUDED IN THE YEARBOOK. Either option must be completed by the end of the first semester.