Online absence reporting is no longer available.

Attendance Policy

When a student is absent, a note explaining the absence must be submitted within three days of the absence or it will not be accepted or excused.

Please include the student’s name, student number, reason for the absence, and a contact number. Parents please have your student turn the note in to the attendance secretary’s inbox on the counter in the front office (see template below).

All unexcused absences count in the total to be put on the EXCESSIVE ABSENCE LIST. Excused, Medical, Judicial, or death in the family notes do not count in the total. Students are expected to follow their schedules and attend every day. Students must be present during the school day in order to participate in any after school activities. See the Student Code of Conduct for the district rules of school attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to know and abide by these rules. Parental notes may explain an absence but do not guarantee excusing the absence.

In the case of an extended or excessive absence claimed to be due to illness, upon request of the principal or designee, a parent must provide a doctor’s statement of the student’s illness. Extended or excessive absences are considered 5 in one month, 10 in a semester, or a history of excessive absences per period.

The following are acceptable reasons for a student’s absences:

  • Illness of the student
  • Major illness of the immediate family
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Religious Holiday
  • Judicial/Court Summons

Parental requests for trips that will incur excessive absences must be approved by the principal at least ONE WEEK in advance. Pre-Approved Absence forms can be picked up in the front office during school hours or DOWNLOAD HERE.

As in the past, any student who has been identified as having excessive absences will lose privileges. The Loss Of Privileges includes, but is not limited to:

  1. State Competitions
  2. FBLA Competitions
  3. Pep Rallies
  4. Homecoming
  5. Prom
  6. Band, Robotics, and Drama Competition
  7. In addition, if a student currently drives to school and parks on campus that privilege will be revoked for a period of not less than one month.
  8. If a student requests a media pass during lunch the student will be denied until such a time as they are removed from the Loss of Privilege list.
  9. ANY SRA not covered above
  10. Student athletes on the Loss of Privilege List will forfeit their participation unless they enter into a contract with their coach.

In an effort to improve student attendance, mastery of skills, and on track graduation status, RRHS will be implementing new procedures. For the 2017-2018 school year student discipline, attendance, number of credits earned, and GPA will be closely monitored by grade level administrators. If a student is not on track for graduation they will be assigned to a teacher for an Academic Intervention to address the students’ individual area of concern. When the student has completed the intervention and has shown improvement in the area of concern they will be removed from the Loss of Privilege list but will be monitored to ensure continued success.

Again, a handwritten note must be written by the parent and submitted to Student Services within 3 days of the absence or it is considered UNEXCUSED.


If you choose to write your own note it must include:

  • Student’s First and Last Name
  • Student’s ID Number
  • Parent cell phone number
  • Parent email
  • Date of Absence
  • Periods Missed (or all day)

1st  (7:25 – 8:20)         5th (11:09 –   12:00)

2nd (8:24 –  9:15)         6th (12:04 – 12:55)

3rd (9:19 –10:10)         7th (12:59 –  1:50)

4th  (10:14 – 11:05)

After 3 consecutive absences for an illness/sickness, a doctor’s note is REQUIRED.


  • Family Emergency – must specifiy
  • Car Trouble
  • Slept Late
  • Out of Town

If you have any questions regarding attendance, please contact:

Kathy Jones, Attendance Secretary