Clubs & Activities



Christ Club

The River Ridge Christ Club is open to all students who are followers of Jesus Christ. In addition, we want all students who are interested in knowing who Jesus is to feel welcome. It is a great place to come together at the end of the week to just relax and get to know other believers. Meeting time is Thursday from 2:00-3:00 in room 4-210. Meetings include a time of worship, prayer, fellowship and a bible message delivered by the club president. Discussion and participation are strongly encouraged. They invite guest speakers to come and speak on various topics and sometimes they just have fun and play games. Outside activities include fundraisers and get togethers. Members are kept informed through various forms of social media.

Sponsors are Mrs. Dory Smith and Mr. Chad Mallo


Chess Club

The Chess Club allows students the opportunity to play chess in a friendly environment while improving their analytical, visual, and critical thinking skills. Inexperienced and experienced players are welcome. Members skills will strengthen as they play other students, receive professional coaching, and have the opportunity to compete in tournaments. Bright Future hours may be earned by participating in club-sponsored activities such tutoring elementary/middle school students in the game of chess.  Any student in good standing is eligible to join.

To become a member, pickup an application in the Media center or see a club officer.  Registration opens in August. Club sponsor is Linda Nowicki.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

FCA is a national organization that seeks to influence and serve the community through camps and on campus groups known as “Huddles”.  FCA has chosen the powerful medium of sports as a vehicle to impact others for Christ and to encourage them to “make a difference”.  FCA’s purpose is is to present athletes, coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, as well as serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the Church.  Athletes have common needs and unique influence and FCA helps provide spiritual emphasis and perspective to the athletic family.  Regular Huddle Meetings include fellowship activities like dodge ball, archery tag, kickball, and basketball to name a few.  They conclude with snacks/refreshments and a motivational guest speaker.


Florida Future Educators of America (FFEA)

FFEA offers opportunities to any students who are a part of The New Teacher Academy or who are interested in the teaching profession. This dynamic club placed first place in the Display Competition at the Florida FFEA Conference in January 2017. In January 2018, the RRHS FFEA Club was named FFEA Organization of the Year for the State of Florida. In 2019, the RRHS FFEA placed first place in two of the five state-wide competitions, and our own RRHS President was elected as a State officer for 2019-2020. Join classmates who want to stretch education beyond the traditional classroom. The club participates in state competitions, county partnerships and community activities. The club meets the 1st and 3rd Friday each month (with options of meeting before school or after school), and officers meet the 2nd Friday of each month. Monthly service projects include Rotary Club speaking engagements, Rotary Club Boat Decorating, Area FFEA support, Elementary Science Fair Judging, and many other opportunities. Highlights include attending FATE and FFEA Conferences. The club is open to all RRHS students interested in promoting education who maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA, attend club meetings, and value ethical behavior.

Email Beth Hess at for information.


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Download the FBLA 2019-20 Member Application

In FBLA students learn leadership skills and have opportunities to earn community service hours through individual and team competitions, chapter projects, and community activities. Students compete at district, state, and national levels. Officers meet every week and members meet monthly. During projects, students meet more often to plan, organize, and implement projects.  When certain rigorous criteria are met, seniors may be eligible for honor cords at graduation. 

River Ridge High School has the distinct honor of being one of the most successful chapters in the Pasco/Hernando county district.  This is due to active participation by students who strive to be excellent leaders.  All Business Education students are invited and encouraged to join FBLA.  Other River Ridge students may join, but they must understand it is their responsibility to keep current on communications and activities.  In order to remain a member you must not miss more than 2 meetings and you must be active in club activities. To join, please pick up an application in Ms. May’s room 4-208.

To learn more about the FBLA District,   visit


German Honor Society

The German Honor Society is to promote the German culture and language. Any students who are interested and are not yet able to join can become club members. The benefits of being a member are receiving community service hours by participating in activities such as Special Olympics and Christmas caroling. Club members are able to experience cultural experiences such as St. Martin, Oktoberfest and Weihnachtsmarkt. As a member of good standing of the German Honor Society, students will be able to graduate receiving their honor cord. The German Honor Society and club generally meets once a month but special occasions the German honor society may meet more frequently. Students are eligible to become a member after completing 3 semesters of German with an overall GPA 3.5 in German and an overall GPA of 3.0 on all other course work. Students fill out a member form and after reviewing their grades and conduct for approval, they then have to attend the German Honor Society induction ceremony. Attendance at meetings is a requirement for continued membership.

Club Sponsor is Frau Newbolds



HOSA Club is a national club for students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.  The mission of HOSA is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience.  The club offers competitions, community involvement, and volunteer opportunities.  HOSA club is open to all RRHS students with a 3.0 or above GPA.  New members may apply in August.  Applications are available in the front office or the Media.

Sponsor – Ms. Cardo


Interact Club

The Interact Club is a community service organization.  The club meets every other Friday, twice a month, at 7am in 3-216.  Club members are expected to attend all meetings, have 6 hours of community service each month, and volunteer off campus at least once each semester. Students in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade with a minimum GPA of 2.0 may apply for membership at the beginning of each school year

Club sponsor is Mr. Howery


Kitty Hawk Air Society

The Kitty Hawk Air Society (KHAS) serves as the National academic honor society for the Air Force JROTC program. The KHAS acknowledges the academic excellence, character, service, and leadership of cadets within the JROTC corps. The society pushes individuals to become outstanding members of their community through volunteering, academic tutoring, and service projects. Potential pledges will be given invitations to the society based on select criteria at the beginning of each school year. Members must currently be in grades 10-12, maintain a verified 3.0 weighted GPA, and maintain an A-average in their Aerospace Science class.

Member Meetings and Tutoring are every Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00 in the Aerospace Science classroom (4-108).

For Membership Inquiries and requests to be tutored by a member, please contact

Club Sponsors are LtCol. Morgan and MSgt. King.



The LGBTQ club allows students to come together for support, awareness and education about the diversity and history of the LGBT community.  It is a place where students find unity, and feel safe.  All students are accepted and we share time together learning about resources and community events.

The LGBTQ club gives River Ridge students the pride and information to better their lives and education.  The club is open to middle and high school students.

Sponsors: Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Collins


Literary Society

The Literary Society is a group of students of all skill levels who share one thing in common: a passion for reading and writing. By joining, you will have the opportunity to give feedback on other students’ writing and share your own original work.  You can also help out with the creation of River Ridge’s first online literary publication, attend writing events like youth writing conferences, or just talk about your favorite books.

  • Meet every Thursday from 2 pm to 3 pm in Ms. Phelps’ room 4-102.
  • 2:00-2:30 for sharing writing and giving feedback
  • 2:30-3:00 for literary publication planning meetings

Accepting applications. Email for more information.


Follow on Twitter  @rrhs_literary

Sponsor:  Ms. Phelps


National English Honor Society

NEHS application 2019-20

Who We Are

We welcome students who excel in reading and writing (either academic or creative). We are both an academic and community service-based organization that will be holding monthly morning meetings. The NEHS motto, “gelast sceal mid are,” is Old English for: “duty goes with honor.” Our expectation is that you not only show up for monthly meetings but also take an active role in the group by volunteering and fundraising. You are required to attend monthly meetings, participate in fundraisers, and volunteer for a minimum of 5 hours each semester or you will be placed as inactive status.


  • currently a 11th/12th grade student
  • 3.5 weighted GPA (this must be verified by Guidance. Have your counselor initial next to Cumulative GPA and English GPA)
  • A/B overall average for all English courses
  • currently or previously enrolled in an Honors, AP or Dual Enrollment English course
  • a typed writing sample showing writing ability (up to 5 pages)

Please return fully completed application to Mrs. Mandarino in Room 4-102 by 2 PM on Friday, August 30th

Email with questions

New members will be notified by Friday, Sept. 7th.


National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921. Students in grades 10 & 11 can apply in February – application window opens on February 1st and closes on February 26th.  ALL applications and recommendations MUST be submitted directly to Ms. Cardo by 2:15 PM on Friday, February 26, 2021 with NO EXCEPTIONS.

NHS Appliication
NHS Teacher Recommendation Forms

Activities include providing after-school tutoring two days a week. See Ms. Cardo for more information.


Royal Robotics

Royal Robotics is looking for new team members who want to partake in exciting opportunities as well as take an active roll in the STEM community. Join us and learn real life skills, such as electrical work, computer aided design, coding and machining, all of which are available in our well equipped workshop. We also offer several volunteer opportunities for you to earn those much needed community service hours. Become a part of the Royal Robotics Team today! Applications are available in Mr. McAmis’ room (3-115) for all students with a minimum 2.0 GPA.


Build Meetings are Monday-Thurday in 3-115 after school.
Team Meetings are Fridays in 3-113 after school.
First meeting for interested students will be August 23 after school in Room 3-113.


Science National Honor Society

The purpose of the Science National Honor Society is to recognize as well as encourage scientific, intellectual thoughts, to communicate with the scientific community, and advances the knowledge students have of modern and classical science and help improve scientific knowledge of those around them. The Scientific National Honor Society is encouraged to do community service such as judging the science fair, Trick-around-the-track and help set up the Special Olympics with the possibility of being rewarded with scholarship opportunities and volunteer hours. In turn they encourage the pursuit of scientific knowledge for generations to come. The Science National Honor Society meets the second Friday of each month at 7:00am in room 4-204. To be eligible students must maintain a B+ average across all science courses, be enrolled in at least one honors or higher level science class during or prior to the eleventh grade year or in one second year honors or upper level science class in the twelfth grade year although if a 2nd year honors class is not available enroll into another 1st year honors class instead.


Spanish Honor Society

The purpose of the Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic studies. Members may enjoy limited privileges and benefits in the Society. They may vote, hold office, or be eligible to receive scholarship or travel awards of the Society, and receive volunteer hours. General membership meetings are held every three weeks in room 3-202.

To remain a member you must not miss two meetings, doing so will forfeit your membership, and dues will not be returned. Students taking Spanish class online or off campus are not eligible for the Society. Students must have an A- average in all Spanish classes. Student must have a 3.00 GPA or higher. Students must be enrolled in the third semester of Spanish or higher.

Club sponsor is Senora Tamny



SPLASH – Students Protecting Land and Sea Habitats

SPLASH Application 2019-20 – due August 26th

SPLASH stands for Students Protecting Land and Sea Habitats.  Our focus is to help take care of the environment, as well as to educate others about what they can do to help.  SPLASH helps with school recycling and various school activities. Members of SPLASH club participate in cleanups at local beaches and parks. We also volunteer at the local environmental center and other schools.

SPLASH members can get volunteer hours for the Bright Futures program by participating in our various activities both at school, and off campus on weekends.  There is always a sense of pride and accomplishment in participating in our activities.  Those who fulfill their SPLASH community service hour requirements, and remain in good standings within RRHS, are eligible to go to the county’s environmental center, the EMC, to kayak and participate in activities to learn about the environment we’re working on protecting.

We keep our members informed of various activities through Facebook, Remind, Twitter, and newsletters. There is also a bulletin board with current information located in Laine Smith’s classroom (2-110).

Anybody in good standing with RRHS is eligible to become a member of SPLASH. Students may apply in August.

Club sponsor is Mrs. L. Smith   Follow them on Twitter  @rrhs_splash


Teen Court

Teen Court members are high school students who have expressed an interest in the courts, law enforcement, government, public speaking or volunteering in their community. Student volunteers are required to take a training course provided by assistant State Attorneys, Public Defenders, and Teen Court staff. Students will then serve as the bailiff, court clerk, jurors, prosecutors and defense attorneys at Teen Court hearings. These hearings are presided over by volunteers from the offices of the State Attorney and Public Defender. Teen court provides an immersive experience in application of due process. If you are interested in becoming a Teen Court volunteer please see Mrs.Sedacca in room #3-104 or email
For further information, please also visit the following website.



The purpose of Thespians is to build students’ performance skills through coaching, performing, and competing. Students involved will build teamwork skills, responsibilities, and a sense of commitment. There will be periodical informational meetings at the beginning of the school year. Additional time commitments will be set following those meetings for rehearsals for performances and competition. Anyone who meets all requirements is eligible. Requirements include a 2.0 GPA and regular attendance to come into the drama room (5-209). Or contact a thespian officer if you’re interested in joining. Benefits include induction into the International Thespian Society and many opportunities to showcase acting, singing, and dancing talents and earn volunteer hours.