Take a look at this home page carefully!  There are many other scholarships for which you may be eligible.

You can look at the whole handbook from this home page to check on the eligibility for the FAS, FMS and CAPE Vocational scholarships, as well as everything listed on the column on the right.

The link below takes you directly to the application itself.


There are ways to find scholarships.  If you have limited time to do the searching and you want the best return on your investment of time, the local organizations that always give out scholarships to our Pasco kids are the best way to go, but many of them don’t come out until later in the school year, so start now with the search engines.  The list below is a list of reputable search engines.  This means that you register on their site and fill out the questions they ask you, and they will send you emails for any scholarships that seem to fit your profile.  CREATE A NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT JUST FOR SCHOLARSHIP PURPOSES.  YOU WILL GET LOTS OF EMAILS!

  • Peterson’


You should be checking our district website shown below, for the scholarship list they have created.  Some may be the same as you got through your search engine sites, but there will be many on our district site that are not on the lists from the search engines.


Finally, below is a list of scholarships, which RRHS students frequently receive.  Some will be available online, and some are still paper and pencil.  Look for any announcements on the RRHS scholarship page telling you when the applications are available. Some are not available until second semester.  AVAILABLE NOW TO DOWNLOAD,  OR PICK UP A COPY FROM MRS. PETERSON! Opens 12/1-Complete online

  • Rotary Club of New Port Richey-Semester 2  (Paper)
  • Rotary Club of Trinity-Semester 2  (Paper)
  • Daughters of Penelope (Paper)
  • Gulf Harbors Yacht Club-Semester 2-see Mrs. Peterson  (Paper)
  • Junior Service League-Semester 2-See Mrs. Peterson  (Paper)
  • Pasco Pediatric Foundation- (Paper)
  • Community Service Council- (Paper)
  • Republic Party of Pasco County- (Paper)
  • Coastal Jaw Surgery-(Paper)
  • DeBartolo Family Foundation Scholarship-See link below


  • AFJROTC Scholarship- (See Col. Morgan /Mrs. Peterson)
  • Madison Moore Memorial Scholarship (See Mrs. Peterson)
  • Justin Haystrand Memorial Scholarship (See Mrs. Peterson)
  • Nela Hooker Memorial Scholarship-Girls Weightlifting
  • Class of 2023 Scholarship (See Mrs. Peterson)
  • RRHS Alumni Association Scholarship (See Mrs. Peterson)
  • Student Council “Above and Beyond” Scholarship

Scholarships for RRHS Students Majoring in Education

  • Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority
  • NTA Scholarship
  • “A Better Ewe” Scholarship
  • Florida Retired Educators Scholarship


* More scholarships will be posted as I receive them.