Early Thursday morning Pasco Schools work crews began conducting checks on schools, looking for possible damage and flooding issues. At this time, our previous announcement stands: All schools and district offices will be closed Thursday and Friday. We expect to be able to return to school and work on Monday. Updates to follow. Visit our weather page for more information.


Scholarship Search Engines

Online scholarship search engines are one place you can begin to look for scholarships.  You will be asked to answer questions for your profile, and then they will match you with targeted scholarships suited for you.  These sites are free!  I suggest you create a NEW EMAIL, just for scholarship activities.  Once they start sending you scholarships there will be a lot of mail, so you don’t want to have them get lost with other things. Choose a couple to start. You will see that they all have many of the same scholarships listed. Some good sites are:

Bright Futures Scholarships

There are four categories of Bright Futures Scholarships:

  •             Florida Academic Scholars
  •             Florida Medallion Scholars
  •             Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars
  •             Florida Gold Seal Cape Scholars

The registration application for these scholarships opens on October 1st. Students DO NOT have to have all of the requirements at the time they register, so REGISTER EARLY and cross that off your To Do List.   To register and get more information about these scholarships go to floridastudentfinancialaid.org.

Local Scholarships

We are very lucky to have a very supportive community.  In the coming months there will be many local scholarships advertised.  Some will be online, but many are paper copies.  Keep checking in with Mrs. Peterson to see what comes available.