What do I do if I can’t decide?

  • Talk with your teachers and your parents.  If you are planning on taking a class online over the summer please select it on your course card. When you complete the class online we will adjust your schedule accordingly.

What do I do if I’m planning on Dual Enrollment?

  • If you are planning on D.E. you need to have a 3.0 GPA and passing scores on the PERT or concordant SAT/ACT. Select on campus classes now and after fall registration at PHSC, we will adjust your schedule accordingly. Please see your counselor if you meet the above criteria for the necessary paperwork.

Can I choose what period my online or dual enrollment placeholder is?

  • No, we will do our best to schedule multiple placeholders at the beginning or the end of your school day but we cannot guarantee it. If you plan on being off campus then your parent/guardian will need to sign a waiver (see form above).

Do I need to get a teacher recommendation for any classes?

  • Yes, you need to get a teacher recommendation for all of your core academic classes. If you are taking the class online, you don’t need to have a teacher recommendation. Your counselor will evaluate your current success with online classes. If you’re not on pace or doing well, your counselor may recommend you take the class on campus.

Can my parents override a teacher recommendation or lack of recommendation?

  • Yes, by completing and turning in an Override Form with your course card (link to download this form is above).

Do certain credits take more than one year?

  • No.

Where can I see all of the elective courses?

  • On the back of your course card.

Where can I see all of the online options?

What is the difference between FLVS and Pasco Eschool?

How can we sign up for summer classes?

  • Students can sign up for summer classes through FLVS or Pasco Eschool anytime. Students can sign up for summer school towards the end of May. Those dates have yet to be determined. Please see your school counselor as the time approaches.

Are there summer classes available online?

  • Yes, through Pasco Eschool and Florida Virtual School. Websites listed above.

How can I graduate with my AA?

  • See your counselor for more information and check the Twitter feed for upcoming PHSC Registration dates.

Where can I find PHSC course options?

  • Students and parents can access this information on the PHSC website

What if you get a class you didn’t sign up for?

  • If you did not turn in a completed signed course card, your schedule will not be changed. If you did turn in a completed signed course card, please see your counselor to discuss options.

Does sign language count as a foreign language?

  • Yes, but check with the particular college or university you are considering for their policies.

How do you sign up for an online class while you have a full schedule?

  • Students can sign up for an online class at or Pasco Eschool. Students can take classes, in addition to their 6 period school day, from home. Websites are listed above.

What are the differences in Diplomas?

24 credit Standard Diploma Option –

  • 4 credits of English
  • 4 credits of Math – Algebra 1 & Geometry
  • 3 credits of Science – 1 credit must be Bio
  • 3 credits of Social Studies
  • I credit of HOPE
  • I credit of a Fine & Performing Art
  • One “course” online
  • For students already in HS = 8 Credits of electives
  • For incoming freshmen = 7.5 credits of electives and 0.5 credit in Personal Financial Literacy

18 credit ACCEL program

* Eliminates the PE/HOPE Requirement,

* Eliminates the online requirement, and 5 additional electives.

** All core academic classes and testing requirements are still required.

What dual enrollment classes are offered on campus?

  • English Composition I & II
  • College Study Skills
  • Introduction To Education
  • Classroom Management
  • Introduction to Literature

How do we make sure we have the right classes to qualify for Florida Bright Futures?

This website will inform students as to whether or not they have met the requirements to receive Florida Bright Futures. Students can also schedule a meeting with their school counselor or Mrs. Peterson (Career Specialist) to discuss any specific questions/concerns they may have. School Counselors encourage all students to re-take SAT/ACT if needed, complete as many community service hours as possible and do their best academically.