We will be providing meals at no cost to ALL students through October 20th. Meal choices may be limited due to availability and will not follow the published menu. Limited a la cart items may still be available for purchase. Adult meals will be available for purchase if food inventory allows.


Nov. 28th                   Pasco                                      Home               6:15/7:45

Nov. 30th                   Zephyrhills High                       Away               6:15/7:45

Dec. 1st                       Fivay                                           Home               6:00/7:30

Dec. 5th                       Anclote                                           Away               6:00/7:30

Dec. 7th                        Central                                       Home               6:15/7:45

Dec. 12th                      Gulf                                              Home               6:00/7:30

Dec. 14th                     Hudson                                      Home               6:00/7:30

Dec. 15th                     Wesley Chapel                             Away               6:15/7:30

Dec. 19th                     Ridgewood                                   Away               6:00/7:30

Dec. 21st                     Mitchell                                         Away               6:00/7:30

Dec. 22nd                  Zephyrhills                              Home               6:15/7:45

Dec. 27 – 29              Rotary Ram Classic                   Away                 TBD

Jan.3rd                         Tampa Prep                                  Away                 7:30 (Varsity)

Jan. 9th                         Fivay                                               Away                 6:00/7:30

Jan. 12th                     Anclote                                      Home                 6:00/7:30

Jan. 16th                     Gulf                                                 Away                 6:00/7:30

Jan. 19th                     Cypress Creek                          Home                 6:00/7:30

Jan. 23rd                   Land o’ Lakes                               Away                 6:00/7:30

Jan. 25th                      Hudson                                           Away                 6:00/7:30

Jan. 26th                     Ridgewood                                Home                 6:00/7:30

Jan. 30th                     Pasco                                               Away                 6:15/7:45

Feb. 2nd                     Wesley Chapel                           Home                6:15/7:45

Feb. 6th                       Mitchell                                        Home              6:00/7:30

Feb. 12 – 16           Districts

Feb. 22 – Mar 2       Regionals

Mar. 5 – 10              State Finals                                   Lakeland

Chris Turk –Varsity       Sheldon”PJ” Parker – Asst/JV Head