**DISCLAIMER** – before we discuss transportation, we realize our traffic situation is less than desirable. We have no control over the roads or lack thereof into/out of the school. Please – there will be frustration – plan for extra time the first couple of weeks. 

BUS –  PLEASE – if your child is assigned to ride a bus, have them ride the bus from day one. This helps ease the traffic congestion. If there are any issues with bussing please do NOT call the school – all bus issues are handled through the Transportation Call Center:

  • 813-794-2500
  • 727-774-2500
  • 352-524-2500

PARKING – Students MUST park in their assigned spots from day one. If you do not have an assigned numbered spot you MUST park in an unmarked spot that has NOT been painted as ‘reserved’. Due to security concerns there will no longer be any parking at the rear of the school so all staff will be parking up front. Students must avoid the rows closest to the high school bus loop, closest to the middle school lot, and the row in front of the high school buildings as these are all reserved for staff.

Students have until the end of the first week of school to purchase a parking tag. Starting Monday August 20th any vehicles without a parking tag will be ticketed and/or booted.

SAFETY – As mentioned, the parking lots will be more crowded than usual, so PLEASE OBSERVE SAFE SPEEDS and do not cut off other motorists. PARENTS – DO NOT USE THE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT LOT TO DROP OFF YOUR CHILDREN.