This year’s Literary Society has published “The Quill – 2019 Edition“- a literary magazine featuring a collection of poems, short stories and art.

From the editors: The Quill was a challenge to put together and we hope you enjoy reading it! This year in the River Ridge Literary Society was a memorable adventure. We welcomed new members and new perspectives as we laid the foundation for the club. Our journey has been turbulent; however, it was well worth the strife. The hours we spent reading and editing pieces were refreshing as the talented staff and students of River Ridge allowed us to see into their hearts and minds via short stories, poetry, and art. We are truly impressed by the caliber of professionalism presented to us by those that submitted their work. The raw emotion and vulnerability of these authors and artists presented floored us. We cannot express how grateful, humbled, and impressed we are by all the submissions and we wish we could have included more. We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we did.