In order for a student to be eligible for honor roll, we look at a GPA of 3.2 of higher. High honor roll begins at 4.0 and above. All students who are eligible for honor roll will receive an on-track band as well as an incentive punch card. The students must not lose their on-track band or their punch card as the items are tailored to each individual student. These items are not replaceable and cannot be given a 2nd time in case they lose them. In addition to the punch card, when the student initially gets the on-track band, they will also receive a special reward for their hard work and dedication.

If a student receives an on-track band they will get the following rewards:

  • 2 free entries into any sports event this year (excluding any state championship game or any playoff game)
  • October-Halloween candy given out during all lunches
  • November-Ice cream given out during all lunches
  • December-Cookies and hot cocoa given out during all lunches
  • Random surprise raffles throughout the year