Dual Enrollment Online Application/Registration Process

Complete online application at https://cpnta.phsc.edu/dualapp/english/WDEAI.aspx

See your counselor to pick up your

  • GPA form
  • Official transcript
  • Test scores *if applicable

If you do not already have qualifying scores on ACT or SAT, schedule a time to take the PERT

  • Go to PHSC Admissions office
  • Turn in your GPA form/official transcript
  • Take the PERT

Bring test scores to your counselor ASAP to check DE eligibility. Once determined eligible, receive course request worksheet from counselor (fill out and return to counselor ASAP)

Students log in at https://tinyurl.com/ya53w926 to complete the Enrollment Request Form and digitally sign the terms and conditions

Parents receive an email notification and must log in to digitally sign the terms and conditions for their child’s participation in the DE program

After students and parents complete their online forms, high school counselors process the enrollment requests and submit supporting documentation

Students will receive an email notification from the PHSC academic advisor of approved/denied DE courses (Notifications will be sent to student’s PHSC email only)

Students log in to their WISE accounts and register for courses, following the appropriate dates and times, for approved courses

Bring a copy of your PHSC schedule to your school counselor