Congratulations to our FBLA members on their results at FBLA District XI Competition. The asterisk indicates the student is eligible to move forward to State level competition.

* Teagan Onspaugh    Accounting                              1st Place

* Teddy Tsengouras   Spreadsheet Applications       1st Place

* Loren Watson           Publication Design                  1st Place (Team)

* Taylor Flores            Publication Design                  1st Place (Team)

* Thomas Gallup         Publication Design                  1st Place (Team)

* Peyton Krimmel        Computer Applications            1st Place

* Sydnee Hinson         Client Services                        1st place

* Mikayla Hinson         Networking Concepts             1st Place

* Gage Johnson          Sports/Entertainment Mgmt.  1st Place (Team)

* Nicholas Turkoane   Sports/Entertainment Mgmt.  1st Place (Team)

* Andrew Baldetti        Graphic Design                       2nd Place (Team)

* Kane Silvis                Graphic Design                       2nd Place (Team)

* Alfredo Crespo         Graphic Design                       2nd Place (Team)

* Katelyn Kirves          Healthcare Administration      2nd Place

* Kendall Hill               Word Processing                    2nd place

* Cassandra Smith     Website Design                       2nd Place

Cole Hudson             Mgmt. Decision Making          3rd Place (Team)

Kyle Arseneau          Mgmt. Decision Making          3rd Place (Team)

* Alexis Staveski         Intro to Financial Math            5th Place

* Krista Larson            Business Calculations            5th Place

* Christopher Zoeller   Political Science                     5th Place

Leland Seaton           Accounting                              6th Place

Alen Abraham           Organizational leadership       8th Place