Thursday August 2nd from 4-6pm

Beat the lines and attend our early registration event open to currently enrolled freshman and senior students only!

NO NEW REGISTRATIONS will be accepted on August 2nd.

(Any new student must attend the general county registration day on August 7th from 8-2 pm – or call 727-774-7200 to set up an appointment with the guidance office before then)

*Purchase River Ridge Merchandise

*Come find out more about athletics, clubs, and academies at River Ridge


  • Pick up your schedules
  • Pay your senior fees
  • Order a yearbook
  • Rent a locker
  • Obtain and select a parking space
  • Order your cap and gown early


  • Tour the campus
  • Rent your locker
  • Meet some of your teachers
  • Pick up your schedules early
  • Order a yearbook

Pay your fees ahead of time and jump on our Express Line. Please log onto to pay your student fees ahead and save even more time.