College and Career News

August-September: Welcome back! College applications are open! Check out the websites for each of the schools to which you are applying.  Be sure you understand the process, the deadlines and the different types of applications.

October: Many things are happening this month! You should be well into filling out your applications!  

*Create a calendar to keep track of deadline dates. FAMU, FGCU, FLPOLY, UF, USF priority application deadline is 11/1.  Check for priority aid and scholarship deadlines on the SUS matrix.

*College Essays and Academic Resumes should be well underway, if not complete. Be sure to have a teacher or counselor proofread your essays and give suggestions for improvement.  Allow time for a rewrite if needed! Get some tips on writing your college essay from College Essay Guy

*FAFSA Application opens October 1! This is the application which qualifies you for grants and/or loans.  The schools you apply to will be looking for this before they can give you a financial aid package. You will need to do your part, and your parents do their part.  Check out these links to the FAFSA website and a video to assist you with completing the application.

*Begin your scholarship search now!  There are many different ways to find scholarships.  Below are just a few of the websites you can use to find the scholarships that are right for you, including our new Pasco District link.

November:  COMING SOON!  Check back often!