Per class meetings and Loss of Privilege (LOP) information shared in the Student Code of Conduct students that meet Loss of Privilege criteria (more than 5 absences in a quarter and below a 2.0 GPA or any level 3 violation of the code of conduct) are not permitted to attend the Homecoming Dance. This information was shared over the summer via social media/school website and also shared with students in class meetings held on August 28th and 29th. Students have the right to appeal this in writing and must submit their appeal to Student Services no later than October 17th at 2pm. Appeal letters submitted after this date will NOT be considered. Appeal decisions will be made by October 19th at 12pm. The decision made by the principal in appeal decisions is final.

*Please log in to myStudent to view grades, GPA and attendance for your student immediately and turn in appeal letters promptly.