Are You On Track?

Are you “On Track”?

GPA: 2.0 cumulative unweighted

Credits: No missing credits- Freshmen (3) Sophomores (9), Juniors (15), and Seniors (21)

Attendance: Fewer than 5 unexcused absences per quarter/10 per semester

Discipline: No level 3 referrals

Students who are “On Track” in all of the four categories will earn a KNIGHT PRIDE wrist band. Students with KNIGHT PRIDE wrist bands will have access to privileges on campus:

  • Eat lunch outside
  • Media lunch pass
  • Attend field trips and extracurricular activities
  • Free snack coupon
  • Free entry to designated sporting events and other after school activities

The opportunity to win:

  • Free yearbooks
  • Free homecoming tickets
  • Free prom tickets
  • RRHS spirit wear
  • A priority parking space
  • Feature and awards in RRHS Student Spotlight
  • And more!

RRHS “On Track” wrist bands will be issued once per semester. Lost wrist bands will not be replaced. However, eligible students can purchase a replacement band for $2.00.

Not “On Track”? Earn it back!

Students can earn back “On Track” status in the following ways:

GPA: earn no Ds or Fs on the previous quarter’s report card Credits: upon successful recovery of missing credits

Attendance: making up the time per each unexcused absence in:

  • Academic Lunch
  • After School Detention
  • Saturday School

Discipline: determined by administration through referral appeal process or Knight Pride appeal process.

Students wishing to earn back their “On Track” status must click here to complete the online appeal form .

When will privileges be revoked?


  • If a student receives a level 3 referral
  • Allows another student to use their wrist band
  • Abuses or fails to follow directions or policies associated with “On Track” privileges

** You may lose privileges at any time based on the student code of conduct.


  • If a student does not meet attendance requirements

At the Semester

  • Student GPA falls below a 2.0
  • Student falls behind in credits

Students who are not “On Track” will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities including field trips and school dances.